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Nikki Spo // UNVEILED: You Don't Own Me

In this episode of Nikki Spo // Unveiled, I am talking about ownership and autonomy. My perspective on feminism is rooted in the idea of giving women the space to make decisions for themselves without judgment or restriction. It is my mission to use my voice and encourage others to do the same. My days of staying silent are long gone, and speaking out is crucial for progress and positive change.

In this episode…

  • Defining ownership and autonomy

  • How I view my children

  • Being a survivor of sexual abuse

  • Feminism

  • Censorship

  • Self-healing

  • Being more of ourselves

  • Living unapologetically


“When I grew into an adult and a mother myself, I realized that no one actually knows anything, and this is all of our first times in life. We are all figuring it out as we go.”

“I believe that my children belong to the world. They are people. They are souls separate from me. I don’t see them as an extension of myself. They came from me but are very much their own person, souls, and identities.”

“I believe that feminism is holding space for women to do exactly what they want with their bodies, behaviors, thoughts, professions, and beyond.”

“Using my voice to advocate for things that I am passionate about matters to me. Even if it makes people uncomfortable, the days of staying silent are long gone.”


0:00- 0:45 | Introduction

0:45- 6:00 | Ownership and autonomy

6:00- 10:20 | Feminism, objectification, and censorship

11:50- 14:12 | My own journey to self-healing

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