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Welcome to The Know with Nikki Spo

Welcome to my new website, everyone! I am really so grateful that you are here. I want to share my WHY with you… Why I created this space and platform, and what The Know means to me.

I have always been creative – I was a dancer for most of my life, an artist, dance teacher, art history major, fashion designer, art dealer, and beyond. However, like so many others, I always suffered from feeling like I wasn’t good enough, or that I didn’t really deserve to live the life of my dreams. My goals were downplayed, silly, and unrealistic.

It’s wild though, because even though I had all these irrational thoughts of not being good enough, I actually pushed and pushed, and attained many of the goals that I set out for myself.

I always had a major chip on my shoulder, a resentment towards life, and a need to prove myself. And even when my life was indeed beautiful, I never allowed myself to fully accept the beautiful gifts that life was offering me.

As a new wife and mother who had suffered childhood + adolescent trauma and had no healthy coping methods, I lost myself and my sense of purpose. I eventually became so consumed by fear. Fear of failure, of what people would think of me, and of disappointing my loved ones… that I started to shut down (and lash out) completely. I caged myself into a really undefinable concept of what “others” thought a “good woman” should be. And in doing so, I killed my spirit and sense of hope. I fell into a complete darkness of self-sabotage.

I always knew I wanted to inspire people – with my creativity, leadership, and in teaching. But what did someone like me (with all of my “hopelessness”) have to inspire with? As I began to heal and open up about my journey, I found that there is power in our stories. Not just MY story, but in all of our stories of perseverance, hope, and resilience.

I believe that we all have a sense of deep knowing inside of us of the joy, love, freedom, and purpose that we want to feel, and the desire to live authentically. So I created The Know Podcast as a way to amplify the voices of women whose journeys I find to be truly inspiring.

I hope you feel at home here. Accepted, loved, and seen. I would love to connect with you, so please feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email on the contact page.

Welcome to a new safe space to be your highest, most authentic self, and listen to stories of other women who have stepped into their Know.


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