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Abundant, Unapologetic, and Fierce AF with YesJulz - Julieanna Goddard

Julieanna Marie Goddard, also known as YesJulz, is the QUEEN of nightlife and entertainment in Miami. Julz has been paving the way for experiential marketing and holistic storytelling. She creates memorable and immersive events for elite brands and aligns them with the right talent to drive meaningful consumer engagement and value. Her company, 1 AM Creative, has created and curated some of the most innovative and exclusive experiences and activations for some impressive clients. J

ulz is a communications leader with a passion for building relationships between brands and customers through the combination of technology and digital media.

In this episode of The Know, Nikki and Julz talk about pregnancy and being a mom, what it is like to build a career as a woman, finding what makes you happy, shaping the world through our youth, having an abundance mindset, and SO much more. Julz is a hype woman, an incredible entrepreneur, and an intelligent individual who has not only built a kickass career but has helped do the same for others.

In this episode…

  • Prenatal anxiety

  • Identity and self-worth

  • Discovering who you are

  • Juggling being a mom and a career

  • Finding what makes you happy

  • How Yes Julez was created

  • Know what is the next big thing

  • Giving life your best shot every day

  • The foster care system

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“One thing that I learned was that I needed to find identity and a sense of self-worth outside of my career.”

“You never hear someone say ‘he’s a working dad’.”

“There is no love with a man that is worth giving up all of the little things that make me happy.”

“When you come from a place of being grateful and not focus on what you don’t have, then that makes room for more things to come.”

“The people who have tried to block me from opportunities the most in my career have not been women.”

“I think that maybe it is emasculating for a man to know that I can execute something faster than they could.”

“Thank G-d for teachers and childcare workers that are like my mom. These are people who are shaping the world that we are going to live in in the future. Children are the future.”


4:20-9:15 | Pregnancy and prenatal anxiety

9:20- 19:15 | How Julez defines herself, her career, and her family

20:00- 23:00 | Relationships and what love looks like

25:00- 32:00 | How the Yes Julez brand was created

38:25- 45:00 | The foster care system




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