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Nikki Spoelstra is available for a variety of engagements and services.

Please reach out to should you wish to book Nikki for your next event or to collaborate on brand exposure.

Moderating Panels

Skillfully facilitate discussions and ensure productive conversations among panelists.

Hosting Gatherings

Create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere as a host, ensuring that all attendees feel connected and engaged.

Advertising via Podcasts

Leverage the power of podcasting to promote brands and products to a targeted audience.

Keynote Speaking

Engage and inspire audiences with powerful and captivating speeches on a range of topics.

Mastermind Discussions

Facilitate dynamic and thought-provoking conversations among a select group of individuals.

Advertising via Social Media Platforms

Utilize social media platforms to effectively market and advertise brands, connecting with a wide range of potential customers.

Emceeing Events

Bring energy and professionalism to events as a charismatic host, guiding the audience through the program.

Charity Awareness & Fundraising

Raise awareness and mobilize support for charitable causes through strategic campaigns and events.


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