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"There's no turning back. A candid journey of reflection, healing, and change leads Nikki Spoelstra to an empowering chapter in life, one that resonates with followers of her podcast."

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"Meet this year's Women of Influence who are each contributing to the city's fruition in a bold and empowering way."

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FINALIST: Best Podcast, Leisure Category

NOMINEE: Best Female Hosted Podcast, Education, Society, Health, and Leisure

Stay tuned for the winner to be announced. 


The Know with Nikki Spo is named as one of four favorite podcasts by team members at Life Time Work!


“I enjoy the casual conversation feel to the podcast, and it seems to always be the perfect amount of time: 20 to 30 minutes as I drive to work. I love that she showcases people who have been influential and help their communities for the better. The podcast features truly inspiring conversations.”

– Molly Walsh (she/her), Life Time Work Leader in Coral Gables, Fla.

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The Know with Nikki Spo is highlighted as one of six "Goal Digging" podcasts according to People Magazine Español!

“Community breeds progress for everyone, something that Nikki Sapp Spoelstra understands very well. In her podcast, the entrepreneur, philanthropist, mother of two and former Teacher of the Year chats with women from all walks of life to share personal anecdotes on how to build ourselves up through 'perseverance, hope and living authentically.'”

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