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Attached to Nothing and Connected to Everything with Nikki Spo

It’s week two of 2023, my loves! And… not only do we remember to swerve and serve into this new year, but we also remember to become attached to nothing and CONNECTED to everything.

In this episode, I explain the difference between being attached vs. being connected, and I tap into some of the teachings of the late Wayne Dyer. I share a popular Sufi tale to help paint a picture of how to remain unattached yet.. connected, and I share why this can help YOU make your life flourish.

Connect to this! Episode 80. Let’s go!


“I believe that a small part of my inner knowing is to share parts of my journey in order to help others feel a sense of community of being seen and understood.”

“My core desire has always been to live.”

“I used to feel really ashamed of my big emotions. Now I view it as a gift.”

“I can be attached and connected. But I can also be connected without being attached. I believe this is a much healthier space to reside in.”

“My goal for 2023 is to be attached to nothing yet connected to everything.”


0:40- 2:57| Tapping into a deeper sense of inner knowing

2:57- 6:07 | Being attached to nothing but connected to everything

6:07- 7:30 | The difference between attachment and connection

7:30- 10:00 | Good thing, bad thing, who knows

10:00- | Labeling things that happen to us

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