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Boundary TF Up for the Holidays with Erin Morrison

Welcome back, beautiful people! Today I'm going to be circling back to a special episode from a couple of years ago because I truly think it needs revisiting, especially around this time of the year. It’s called Boundary TF Up with the conscious mom, Erin Morrison. It’s all about the ins and outs of setting boundaries with family during the holidays. Check it out! 

In this episode… 

  • Trauma during the holidays 

  • Family 

  • How to handle our BIG feelings 

  • How to handle setting boundaries

  • How to make the holidays a time to joy 

  • Sense of control 

  • Understanding family is not perfect 

  • Setting boundaries stigma 

  • Steps to setting boundaries 

  • Boundary backlash 

  • Quality time vs. quantity 

  • In-laws not parenting or grandparenting how we want


“Oh, the weather outside is delightful, but family time can be frightful, and since there's nowhere else to go, just bring it home, bring it home, bring it home.” - Nikki Spo

“It's not about what your family does. It's how they make you feel.” - Erin Morrison 

“I think all of us really all want a sense of control. We're all trying to control what the energy is or the way the day goes, but the real control is you.” - Erin Morrison 

“I always say that your feelings are like the waves of the ocean. They come, they go, they ebb, they flow. They will not be there forever, and it's so beautiful to remember.” - Erin Morrison 

“Pick one boundary for yourself. Start small so we can be successful and we can dip our toe in the pond and see how it feels.” - Erin Morrison 

“You need to take the elevator from your head to your heart. Drop in there and see what is it that's going to serve me. What do I need this holiday so I can feel good?” - Erin Morrison 

“Getting on a united front with your partner is one of the biggest steps or precursors to setting said boundary.” - Nikk Spo

“A lot of times when we haven't spoken our truth in our families two things happen. One, we just stay silent or two, we let it build and build and build and build. And then one little thing happens and we are exploding like a volcano and everythings on fire.” - Erin Morrison 


0:00 - 4:10 | Introduction 

4:10 - 6:45 | Understanding why we tend to get hesitant, nervous, and anxious as we approach the holiday season

6:45 - 10:05 | Revisiting holiday family trauma with a new sense of inner knowing 

10:05 - 19:50 | Handling our BIG feelings 

19:50 - 22:30 | Handling setting boundaries

22:30 - 23:30 | Getting over the scary and overwhelming stigma of setting boundaries 

23:30 - 27:00 | The precursors to setting boundaries 

27:00 - 30:50 | Boundary backlash 

30:50 - 33:00 | How to respond to boundary backlash 

33:00 - 34:25 | Hot topics about family boundaries 

34:25 - 35:40 | Survival guide 

35:40 - 37: 30 | Outroduction 

Connect with Erin Morrison 

Connect with Nikki 


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