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Business and Beauty with Nancy Jarecki

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Nancy Jarecki has always been someone who breaks boundaries and plays by her own rules. The mastermind behind the acclaimed company bettybeuty, inc., was born in a small town in Kansas and studied art in Texas. Eventually, she went to LA to pursue her incredibly successful career. Despite being so young when she started her career, Nancy immediately impacted the beauty and entertainment industry by assisting in developing and launching the network, Movietime. This led to her playing a key role in the launch of E! Entertainment Television.

Nancy shares her wisdom on all things beauty, business, youth, networking, and how to be successful. In this episode of The Know, Nancy provides her opinions on how and why beauty standards are defined, the characteristics of a successful businesswoman, advice for launching and protecting the rights of your product, how to network effectively, and so much more. Tune in to learn how you can be an entrepreneurial icon!

In this episode…

  • Nancy’s early career

  • Creating a business from the ground up

  • Fundamentals in business

  • Gathering information by going to conventions

  • Networking

  • Creating a product for your downstairs

  • Protecting your product

  • Aging milestones

  • Shifting your product for your targeted customers

  • Society’s desire for youth


“One of the smartest things I did was put some money into protecting my product. Especially if you are the first product and other people will be copying your product.”

“I think one thing that defines the standards of beauty are our own little milestones as we get older.”

“We feel good when we take care of ourselves. There is a lot of confidence that comes from that.”

“Know your product, know who needs it, and shift it to get it to those people.”

“You can’t age backward, but I believe you do what you can to make you feel great.”


0:00- 14:50 | Nancy’s background and start to her career

14:50- 24:18 | Fundamentals in business

24:18- 33:00 | Creating and protecting your product

33:00- 37:30 | Who defines the standard of beauty?

37:30- 44:00 | Our desire for youth

Connect with Nancy

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