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Can YOU Make Single Your Superpower?! with Case Kenny

This week is BIG TIME! We have our first male guest on deck and he is SO GOOD! Case Kenny is a Chicago-based writer, podcaster, and recording artist who has made a name for himself as a mindfulness thought leader. Case is the man behind the successful mindset journal, The New Mindset Journal. His passion for growth, meditation, and music led him to start his podcast, New Mindset, Who Dis. After two years of hosting his podcast, the show had garnered over 8 million downloads, was named on Apple Podcast’s top 30 list, iHeart Radio’s top 10 list, top 100 Mental Health list, Deezer Editor’s Choice, and more.

In Episode 40, Case and Nikki dive into the idea of making “single” your “superpower!” Case discusses how being single has allowed him to prioritize himself and give him the time and energy to become his best, most authentic self. He passionately covers how we (as a society AND as individuals) can reframe how we view being single: instead of attaching to negativity, we can focus on using the uncoupled times in our lives to our advantage. The goal is… a self-sufficient mindset! Case encourages all friends who are riding solo to focus on learning new lessons, having new experiences, and revealing more truths about themselves. Ultimately, every relationship we are in, whether it ends or not, will lead us to more personal growth. And that’s what The Know is all about. #IYKYK

In this episode:

  • Making single your superpower

  • Choosing happiness

  • Admitting when you are wrong

  • Learning from regret

  • Closure

  • Benefitting from being single

  • Hot girl summer

  • Accepting yourself

  • Avoiding judgment

  • Knowing what you deserve

  • Bringing lessons learned with you

  • Creating standards

  • Getting back love from the Universe

Connect with Case: @case.kenny

Connect with Nikki: @nikkisappspo / @theknowwithnikkispo

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