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Candid Convos: Life, Playboy, and Self-Worth with Cassandra Dawn

What's up fam! Today Nikki is chatting with her long-time girlfriend, Cassandra Dawn. Cassandra is an art enthusiast and consultant, a model, and a former PLAYBOY Playmate. Cassandra is funny, inspiring, and has so much life experience to share. In this very candid conversation, Cassandra discusses her career, life goals, opinions, overcoming stereotypes, and so much more.

From working in luxury art sales, to becoming a Playboy Playmate, and now taking off in a career in real estate, Cassandra is chock full of wisdom.

Nikki and Cassandra talk about women empowering other women, how to embrace yourself, and wise advice for all women. Tune in to be inspired.

In this episode…

  • Working hard and under pressure

  • Succeeding in sales

  • What modeling for Playboy is like

  • The superficial industry of modeling

  • The path to Playboy

  • Being comfortable with yourself

  • Criticism in the entertainment industry

  • Women in their 20s

  • Looking forward to life

  • Overcoming stereotypes

  • Loving yourself


“It’s about being goal oriented. As long as you are focused on doing your best and being your best self everyday, that’s really all that matters.”

“I think people in their 20s put a lot of pressure on themselves to be perfect and be a certain way, but we need to just sit back and enjoy it.”

"When I made the decision to shoot for Playboy and become a Playmate, I was fully aware that it could come with some criticism and judgement. I am someone who personally does not think nudity is a big deal. Especially if these are photos that are shot in a tasteful way.”

“I hope that the day will come when women aren’t catty toward other women for being comfortable in their bodies and comfortable with their sexuality.”


1:05 | How Nikki and Cassandra met

6:05 | How to succeed in sales

12:00 | Focusing on the things you are excellent at

12:50 | What it’s like modeling

17:50 | The path to Playboy

19:50 | What it’s like being a Playmate

22:00 | Embracing yourself

25:00 | Advice for women

32:00 | Overcoming stereotypes

Connect with Casandra@cassandradawnxo

Connect with Nikki @nikkisappspo / @theknowwithnikkispo

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