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Celebrating You with Nikki Spo

Hello, Truthspeakers and Light-seekers! This episode is being recorded all the way from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, only 7 minutes before my 36th birthday. This year I am celebrating the BNE (Big Nik Energy), and in this episode, we are celebrating YOU! When was the last time you celebrated something you did? And I mean celebrating the small, the big, and all of the stuff in between. Tune in and start celebrating yourself!

In this episode…

  • Celebrating yourself

  • Small celebrations

  • Doing nice things for yourself

  • Accepting compliments

  • Ways to Celebrate

  • Reluctance to celebrate yourself

  • Acting how you want to feel

  • What self-celebration is NOT

  • Living your life with intention


“There are so many moments worth celebrating in life.”

“On my birthday this year, I was not only celebrating the fact I was born, but I was also celebrating, and continue to celebrate, the hard things I have overcome.”

“The people who love you will want to celebrate you.”

“The more you celebrate life, the more it will celebrate you.”

“I love having my girl crew of women who are so die-hard supportive of me, and I love reciprocating that. We, as women cheering each other on, make all of the difference. Be that cheerleader for other women in your life.”

“I am the CEO boos-babe of my own life; I get to dictate when, how, and with whom I celebrate. YOU can do the same.”

“Celebrating yourself is an act of self-love. It means becoming deeply connected to our own lives and filling our own cups so that we can show up better for the world.”


0:00- 2:00 | Intro

2:00- 5:40 | Why you should celebrate yourself

5:40- 7:50 | How I celebrate myself

7:50- 10:50 | Reluctance to celebrate yourself

10:50- 11:55 | Considering what your future self wants to feel like

11:42- 13:00 | What self-celebration is NOT

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