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Changing Your Life with Gigi Vogel

Giordana “Gigi” Spadei Vogel is a Colombia native raised in Miami, FL. She is known as Florida's poster girl for all things involving the best in fashion, health & wellness, and natural beauty. Gigi's career & education started in the rough-and-tumble fashion realm, finance, and international business. After years of emotional and physical toll in a fast-paced industry, Gigi looked for accessible and natural alternative practices to restore balance in her daily life. While studying to be a health coach at the IIN, she became fascinated by the seemingly magical benefits of a plant-based diet and many different naturals and holistic approaches used to take care of the body and mind. Soon after, it became a passion for cultivating & delivering her knowledge to Miami's fast-growing health and wellness community through her social media accounts. Following many years of self-experimentation and researching the best healing tools for her lifestyle, Gigi realized that it was her calling to share her best-kept secrets with her local community. De La Heart was born out of the love and personal necessity to merge all of Gigi's passions into one place, making it accessible for herself and other women to experience more healthful and diverse lives. Tune in this week to listen to an incredible interview with Gigi Vogel. Nikki and Gigi discuss topics from the benefits and power of meditation, to the meaning of courage. They talk about ways to add value to your life through manifestation, acceptance of oneself, making changes little by little, and so much more. This episode goes beyond the surface and encourages viewers to slowly but consistently shift their mindsets and actions toward achieving the life of their dreams. The inspiration, helpful tips, past experiences, and relatable conversation with Gigi are a few of the many reasons to listen to this week’s episode.

In this episode…

  • Holistic medicine

  • Healing interpersonal trauma

  • Healing from the inside out

  • Seeing things how they are

  • Experiencing duality

  • Law of attraction

  • The ability to take the next step

  • The meaning of courage

  • Accepting yourself

  • Adding value to women’s lives

  • Meditation

Connect with Gigi @gigivogel_ / @delaheart

Connect with Nikki @nikkisappspo / @theknowwithnikkispo

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