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Creating Your Mom Crew with Nikki Spo

Sometimes, it can feel daunting to leave the house. Let alone leave the house and make a new friend. However, creating a genuine and helpful mom crew is a MUST. That is why I created this episode to encourage you, prepare you, and get you excited to create your mom crew!

In this episode…

  • Making mom friends

  • The advantage of going to baby gyms

  • Asking a fellow mama out

  • Building genuine friendships in motherhood

  • Ways to make mom friends

  • Using websites & apps for making mom friends

  • Using your non-parent friends to meet mom friends

  • Not tolerating wine mommy culture

  • Being genuine


“Something as simple as going outside and getting some vitamin D was super mood-boosting for me when I was having a hard time post-partum.”

“Building your mom crew can be a little bit like dating. It’s about finding who you gel with and have stuff in common with besides your kids.”

“When you feel like you vibe with a fellow mama, ask for her number and see if you can grab a coffee or get the kids together. You never know where it could go!”

“Everyone loves to feel seen, encouraged, valued, and celebrated.”

“As a third-time mom, managing three tiny humans and their needs and activities, I am so grateful for my huge network of other moms and parents.”

Time stamps

2:22- 3:50 | Why you should take your kid to baby gyms

3:50- 6:30 | How to initiate the conversation with a fellow mama

6:30- 8:10 | Asking out a fellow mom who you vibe with

8:10- 10:15 | Building genuine friendships in motherhood

10:15- 11:50 | Using apps and websites to meet moms

11:50- 13:00 | Doing non-kid-related activities with mom friends

How to build a mom crew:

  1. Get out of the house and get comfortable going out with your baby

  2. If you are too shy to talk to the other moms, have your child do it! See who your child gravitates toward and initiate conversation.

  3. If you vibe with a fellow mom, ask her for her number. It is important to do it the first time!

  4. To build genuine friendships, move on from small talk and talk about real-life stuff.

  5. Don’t be a gossip. Don’t share other people’s personal business.

  6. Do other activities that don’t relate to your kids. Go out with your new mom friends.

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