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Debunking Sobriety Myths for Recovery Awareness Month with Nikki Spo

Join me this week as I debunk some common sobriety myths in celebration of Recovery Awareness Month!

Soundbites you don't want to miss:

"Today I have 2 years and 5 months of continuous sobriety. That is 885 days to be exact, one day at a time."

"The CDC published a study that revealed that 3 in every 4 addicts who seek treatment are able to live in recovery."

"From my own personal experience, I have observed that alcoholism is often a self-diagnosed disease."

"Working a program of recovery, I wholeheartedly believe that people can and do change when they want to."

"Sobriety has been a lot more fun for me than when I was actively drinking. Kicking alcohol actually helped me with my social anxiety."

"I guess I thought that admitting that I am an alcoholic meant me admitting that I am bad. Which is a really scary narrative to put on myself. But... I discovered that it is quite the opposite. I KNOW in my soul that I am not BAD."

Connect with me: @nikkisappspo / @theknowwithnikkispo


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