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Diet Culture, Exercise, & The Stories We Tell Ourselves with Danielle Crease

In this episode, The Know Alum Guest, Danielle Crease, discusses the need to access your power through self-love to make positive and sustainable changes for a healthy life. She dives into the mental and physical work that is necessary to achieve this. There are so many components involved (and discussed)! From diet culture, exercise, and loving yourself… to not letting your stories define you and so much more. Danielle strives toward changing the narrative of dieting. She shares the scientific, mental, and emotional aspects of dieting, and in this episode, we learn how to support our bodies and remove the guilt of eating. Not only that, but Danielle also covers the concept of exercising to feel your best… not necessarily just to ‘be your skinniest.’ Danielle shows us that we can reframe the stories that we tell ourselves, and recognize the power they have over us. We are capable of anything! So tune in and learn how you can take control of your narrative.

In this episode…

  • Diving deep to help people reach their goals

  • Spreading your mission

  • Dangers of dieting

  • Dieting’s effect on mental health

  • Different bodies

  • Shame and guilt around diet culture

  • Battling our stories

  • Acceptance and gratitude

  • Crawling out of depression

  • Creating healthy habits

  • Not giving old stories power

  • Knowing you’re good enough

Connect with Nikki: @nikkisappspo / @theknowwithnikkispo

Connect with Danielle: @daniellemcrease

Soundbites you don't want to miss: “I think our role needs to be more helping someone find their healthiest body and also changing the narrative that it doesn’t need to fit into a certain box.” “If you don’t do the mental work and accept yourself, and you don’t make changes from a place of self-love versus a place of self-hate, then those changes won’t be sustainable and you won’t find the happiness that you think it will give you.” “Everything comes back to yourself and listening to yourself.” “Confidence is being able to step into something, and if it doesn’t work out, knowing you’ll be okay.” “When we go into these creation spaces, it is so easy to fall into worry and anxiety about those same stories that have limited us before.”


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