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DUI, Drinking to Cope, and Other Red Flags with Nikki Spo

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TKNS family… April 18th, 2020 is my sobriety date, which means I now have two consecutive years of sobriety. That’s 730 days to be exact, and every day counts. Every moment has mattered. My life feels like a different life in so many ways. And in a lot of ways, it’s the same. Hardships don’t stop happening just because I got sober. BUT… How I handle tough moments has changed dramatically. How I feel about who I am, how I love myself, and how I love other people has changed. With the absence of self-medication, my level of compassion towards others has improved while my tolerance for pain has diminished. I have chosen to be open about my alcoholism and sobriety because I know how inspiring it has been for me to see other women standing in their power and thriving in recovery. The lives I have seen change from this lifestyle choice have been an important part of my own recovery, and I am hoping that I might be able to spread the light towards another person who is sick and suffering in the throes of addiction. In this episode, I cover some of the red flags that were there for me… that I have been able to acknowledge in hindsight. These are my own and are not necessarily yours or anyone else’s red flags. These recollections and observations are simply part of my journey which I have been able to reflect upon during my time abstaining from alcohol. Thank you for tuning in to this very vulnerable message about my personal recovery journey.

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