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Flim, Sex, and Magic with Emily Ruhl

In this episode, we explore Emily Ruhl’s career journey, love life, and sexuality, along with her hardships, **magic**, advocacy, and vulnerability. This convo is inspiring, enchanting, and thought-provoking, and Emily is just…. WOW. A GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS ENERGY.

Emily Ruhl is a multi-talented model, actress, producer, writer, and director. She has been featured in various publications and represented cosmetic brands like Smashbox, Too Faced, KKW Beauty, and MAC. BLUE MOON marks Emily’s debut as a producer, director, and writer. The short film has been screened at 100+ festivals worldwide and received multiple big-time awards.

In this episode…

  • Emily Ruhl’s career journey

  • Writing

  • Sexuality and love

  • Being a public figure at a young age

  • Emily’s short film, BLUEMOON

  • Finding magic in our relationships

  • Pride love

  • Expectations and value systems

  • The good and bad in relationships

  • Using our voice to heal ourselves and others


“Now, at 27, I am discovering my sexuality.”

“We were good people but bad for each other.”

“What does love really mean? Love has to be mutual in order to be real.”

“Sex has been such a taboo topic for women. It is so refreshing that this generation is addressing it so much earlier.” - Nikki Sp0

“Love is love. It comes in all shapes and sizes and timelines.”

“BLUEMOON’s tagline is ‘if you believe in magic, once in a blue moon, you might just find it.’ I think that’s such a great tagline for life.”

“Having my LGBTQ film shown in countries where being gay is not accepted is incredible.”

“I think about my life and about how the best days are yet to come.” - Nikki Spo

“Everyone knows someone who is struggling. It is time to give that a voice.”

“Some people need to have their voices heard. There is freedom and power in that.” - Nikki Spo

Time stamps

0:00- 2:20 | Emily Introduction

2:20- 9:20 | Emily’s career

9:20- 16:10 | Sexuality and love

16:10- 22:10 | Emily’s short film, BLUEMOON

22:10- 24:45 | Sex, sobriety, and relationships

24:45- 35:42 | Healing through our voice

Connect with Emily

Connect with Nikki

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