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Fostering Change with Your Platform with Charell Star

Charell Star is a Brand + Partner Media Manager in the FinTech Field, an online journalist, contributor, and featured lifestyle, tech, and fashion expert for on-air segments. As a former foster care youth, she now advocates as an appointed Board Member of CASA NYC and City Living NY. The strength and vulnerability of Charell Star are magnified in this episode of The Know as she discusses her experience in the foster care system. Charell tells us her story and how she has become successful. This was not because of the system, but because of her hard work, research, and the kind people who empowered her on her journey. Charell uses her platform today to speak out against the broken system and works to give our youth a voice. Listen in to learn about how the system works, the stigmatism surrounding our vulnerable youth, and how we can all help to begin fixing the system.

In this episode…

  • The vulnerability of the foster care system

  • Abuse within the foster care system

  • Healing from childhood abuse

  • Learning how the Foster Care system works

  • Trauma being relative to you

  • How to begin helping the system

  • Using your platform to empower others

  • Being the voice for other individuals

  • All the ways that everyone can be proactive to help our youth

  • How our youth are penalized for doing nothing wrong

  • Stigmatism around foster care

  • Not being afraid to stand up

  • Assuming children do not deserve resources

  • Helping others

  • How we can help

Connect with Charell @charellstar

Connect with Nikki @nikkisappspo / @theknowwithnikkispo

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