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Freeing Your Inner Creatress and Building Confidence with Susie GarciaI

In episode 71, Nikki talks with one of the most creative individuals she knows, Susie Garcia. Susie Garcia is a professional dancer, choreographer, and proud owner and creative director of Show Stopper Dance Studio. She is a New World School of the Arts alum, a fellow Miami HEAT dancer alum, and a former coach of the Marlin Mermaids.

Susie was made for the stage. She has performed with an impressive list of artists including, Kanye West, Daddy Yankee, Shakira, Chris Brown, Neo, Will Smith, and more. On top of that, she has worked as an assistant choreographer for various award shows, and made it as a top 20 finalist on So You Think You Can Dance?

Susie has centered her life around helping so many women discover their creative superpowers. In this episode, Susie and Nikki cover what it means to have confidence, how hardships in life can make you who you are, being self-aware, thriving in your creative power, and so much more. This discussion between Nikki and Susie is encouraging, thought-provoking, and profound. Tune in to episode 71 to be inspired.

In this episode…

• Competition in dancing

• Who Susie has toured with

• Getting in creative ruts

• Owning your craziness

• Loving art

• Doing more in life

• Self-doubt and confidence

• Surprising yourself and taking chances

• Feeding a higher spirit

• Superficial aspects of a career in dance

• Feeling and being aware

• Shifting energy

• Being responsible for a lot


6:30 | Why Susie became a teacher

11:00 | What to do in a creative rut

13:00 | How Susie’s upbringing shaped her passion for creative expression

18:00 | Talk about where self-doubt and confidence come from

28:30 | The power in movement

29:50 | Experiencing hardships

35:00 | Getting to know who you are as a person

38:00 | Who’s words you are paying attention to the most

42:00 | Powerful women


“It’s about finding the crazy in you and owning it”

“Owning a studio has been my dream forever. I have always wanted to own a place for people to come together and create.”

“Confidence is about muting everybody. It is trusting in yourself. And that is so hard to do.”

“The number one thing that I tell my students is to stand in their own power. Stand in their own story. To stand in whatever it is they have been through and not try to deny it.”

“A big hardship I faced was being taken off stage in front of everybody because I was too big. That was insane to me because I look back at those pictures and think about how great I was. It has always been an ongoing thing.”

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