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Glowing Up with Jamie Lee Ruiz

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Jamie Lee Ruiz is an intuitive life coach and professional dancer. She has toured the world and danced for A list artists such as Pitbull, Tyga, Becky G, Chris Brown, Christina Aguilera, Major Lazer and JLo. Being on a healing and personal development journey for most of her adult life has armed her with the tools and skills to become an intuitive life coach and to help others on their own journey. When Jamie is not meditating and being her spiritual self, she’s on a stage somewhere around the world shaking her ass. She’s all about balance. As Jamie continues to dance professionally while being a working spiritual life coach she is living proof that we can all be all the things we want to be while remaining true to ourselves. Jamie’s great joy in life is connecting women to their divinity through self love, mindset, and manifestation.

In this spirited and zestful episode of The Know, recorded in the mountains of Zion National Park, Nikki and Jamie have a great time reminiscing about their dance days, discussing all things manifestation and taking a deep dive into spirituality. Jamie shares her very personal journey inward, her awakening and how she came into her own power. Having been friends for decades, Nikki and Jamie have a natural ease and energy that is contagious. Through this deeply connected and authentic conversation, Nikki is able to share her truth and reveal parts of herself that she had not yet shared. Jamie’s flexible and free-spirited attitude towards healing and frankly towards taking your life into your own hands is refreshing and relatable. If you are on the road to or are even curious about becoming your best and highest self this is a great place to start. If you want to hear two best friends who feel like they could be your closest friends share their experiences of coming into their power and offer tips on how you can find your truest inner knowing listen to this episode!

Other topics covered:

  • Coming into your power

  • Discovering your own path and following it

  • Hearing and listening to your intuition

  • Releasing shame

  • Owning all (seemingly contrary) parts of yourself and allowing them to coexist and shine

  • The importance/necessity of mindset and intention

  • Creating the life of your dreams!

Connect with Jamie Web: IG: @jameslee4

Connect with Nikki Web: IG: @nikkisappspo / @theknowwithnikkispo

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