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Having Hope with Nikki Spo

It’s me! I’m back for another solo episode and this time I’m talking about Hope. In this episode, I cover how I was able to work through some of my darkest days and how I went from feeling complete despair in my life, to becoming a keeper and deliverer of hope. Having been able to reflect on my toughest moments, I realized four common denominators which helped me go from hope-less to hope-full. I share those in this quick monologue. This episode is here for you whenever you need to borrow some of my Hope. Please know that you are NOT ALONE, and if you are having dark thoughts, please reach out for help from a loved one or a professional. Love you all! So grateful for YOU!

Connect with me: @nikkisappspo @theknowwithnikkispo For information on collabs/sponsorships, email


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