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Healing Through Your Work with Sherry Platt

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This week’s guest is Sherry Platt- a career counselor and recruiter with over two decades of experience. Sherry has advised individuals ranging from professional executives to recent college graduates. Sherry draws upon her extensive career background and knowledge in Buddhism, Kabbalism, and Shamanic traditions and psychology to assist her clients in making informed career decisions.

Sherry has created The STEPS Academy through her wisdom, which examines the blocks to your success and deepens into your soul’s purpose. The STEPS Career System is meant to help you reach your highest potential and find work that is meaningful for you both financially and personally. Join us in this episode as we take the necessary steps towards achieving greater job satisfaction, allowing you to embrace your HAPPIEST self.

In this episode…

The STEPS System

  • Habits of thought

  • Discovering what you want to do in life

  • Feeling confident to leave the system of suffering in your career

  • Brain development

  • Using trauma as a launching point

  • Living outside of the box

  • Hard and soft skills

  • Coming home to yourself

  • Finding what makes you happy

  • 6 STEPS in the STEPS Career System

  • How you can connect with Sherry


“Our belief systems are created between the ages of 0 and 13. How we try to make sense of the world does not just form a belief system, but it forms neural pathways in your brain.”

“I realized over time that people actually know what they want to do. However, they won’t do what they want to out of fear, an economic standpoint, or just not knowing how to pursue what they want to do. My role is to help clear a pathway to pull out all of the answers.”

“There is a belief that you must suffer to make money. That should not be the case.”

“The purpose of life is that you came back in a physical form to learn and to grow. To have painful and pleasurable experiences so that your soul can expand.”

“When you heal yourself, you are healing 7 generations behind and 7 generations ahead.”

“Your wound can become your warrior.”


0:00- 2:00 | Intro

2:00- 8:30 | Creating habits of thought

8:30- 17:30 | Discovering what you want to do in life through spirituality and psychology

17:30- 25:00 | Going against the flow

25:00- 28:30 | Living outside of the box

28:30- 37:00 | Stepping into your skills and knowledge

37:00- 45:00 | The STEPS Career System

Connect with Sherry Platt


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