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Hope and the Human Experience with George Ovalle

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This week on The Know, we welcome 2021 TEACHER OF THE YEAR, George Ovalle! George Ovalle is a graduate of Florida International University, where he graduated with a Degree in English and Education. George has been an educator in Miami for over a decade in public and private schools. He currently teaches drama and English Literature at the High School level. George is the co-creator and host of the podcast Searching for McGuffin, where he discusses the driving force behind the stories depicted in art, media, and life while searching for meaning and purpose.

In this episode, we discuss education, mental health, spirituality, and the sharing of McGuffin through George’s podcast. Nikki and George’s conversation is incredibly eye-opening. They provide listeners with a new way of viewing our life stories. It is inspiring and incredibly thought-provoking. Tune in and gain a whole new perspective on your life and the stories we tell.

In this episode…

  • George’s background

  • Escaping realities in your childhood

  • Being put in a box

  • The pressure to succeed

  • Mental health

  • About George’s podcast

  • Having compassion for ourselves

  • The journey of becoming a teacher

  • Bringing literature to life through drama

  • What is McGuffin, and what does it look like in our lives?

  • The perspective of our stories being told

  • Coming to terms with our own realities


“In my childhood, there was a pressure of trying to be someone I was expected to be rather than the person I was.”

“There is this expectation where if you don’t succeed, it’s not worth doing. We are robbing ourselves of opportunities for success and also of growth. If you try something and aren’t necessarily good at it, that’s okay. It is an opportunity for growth and meaning.”

“We are a composite of what we put our energy to. Sometimes it is okay to just be okay at something if it gives our life meaning and purpose.”

“The human experience, as wide and diverse as it is, is singular.”

“I am getting better at who I am at my core every day.”

“If I can connect with someone and inspire them to pursue what they want to pursue, then I want to be part of that.”

“The ‘McGuffin’ is a film term. It is the thing in the script that moves the action along. For example, the briefcase in Pulp fiction. My question that I always ask is, what is the thing that drives us forward? What is the McGuffin in our lives?”

“What instills us to have hope is different for each person.”


00:00- 4:50 | George’s background

4:50- 14:20 | Finding your purpose and living unapologetically

14:20- 19:10 | Having compassion for yourself and others

19:10- 24:00 | Why George became a teacher

24:00- 27:10 | Bringing literature to life through drama

27:10- 32:45 | The role of McGuffin in our lives

32:45- 35:30 | The importance of storytelling

35:30- 41:20 | Understanding your own journey

41:20- 48:00 | About George’s podcast

Connect with Geroge

Connect with Nikki


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