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"I'm Having a GIRL!" - Nikki Spo

You guys! I am pregnant and... it's a girl! I am so excited to share this with my listeners and to have the chance to tell you about how it seems that everything is connected. This is a deeply personal episode that covers healing, spirituality, Divine Connection, and being open to possibilities. Oh! And happy 50th episodes, FAM! We did this!!!!

Special thanks goes out to our friends at Pink Stork for sponsoring this episode of The Know with Nikki Spo. I’m excited to be on my pregnancy journey with Pink Stork and I’ve got my vitamins set up for automatic delivery so I don’t even have to think about reordering. Pink Stork is there for me every step of the way, and I hope you get to enjoy the products too. Head over to and use my code NikkiSpo15 for 15% off of your order.


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