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Influencing, Entrepreneurship, and Living with PCOs with Candice Craig

Candice Craig is an American dancer, singer, songwriter, model, actress, content creator, producer and business owner! WHEW! She has danced on world tours, in videos, and on television for acts such as Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears, Diddy, Ciara, Pharrell Williams, Pitbull, Marc Anthony and more. Born out of the need to travel, dance, work and live in an outfit and the lack of comfortable and attractive options, Candice founded VVIVIIVIII Count Me In Activewear and then VV-Eyes-Lash. After being diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome in 2019, Candice made the mini series “Living with P.C.O.S.” where she shares her journey and experience living with this diagnosis. Candice lives in Los Angeles with her fiancé Omar.

In this episode, Nikki and Candice cover a whole range of topics. The ladies discuss Candice’s illustrious dance career, her video production career, and her music career. Additionally, Candice shares how her day-to-day schedule of travel, rehearsal and ‘look your best’ gave birth to her successful activewear line VVIVIIVIII Count Me In as well as her eyelash line. Lastly, Candice candidly shares the painful experience of living with undiagnosed P.C.OS. and how her diagnosis helped her to reclaim her life and body.

Connect with Candice: Web: IG: @candice

Connect with Nikki: Web: IG: @nikkisappspo / @theknowwithnikkispo For information about collaborations/sponsorships, please contact


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