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Intuition and Karmic Relationships with Nikki Novo

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Nikki Novo is a Cuban-American bestselling author of "The Final Swipe," an intuitive healer and spiritual teacher. Her expertise lies in helping individuals discover clarity and purpose across all aspects of their lives. Nikki promotes holistic health and wellness and has spoken for Equinox, Yahoo, Bumble, Aveeno, Macy's, and more. She has been featured in Oprah Magazine, Marie Claire, NBC, and Telemundo.

The episode emphasizes the importance of intuition and how it can be developed through mindfulness practices and connecting with the mind, body, and soul. She explores the concept of feeling a connection with other souls and its relation to metaphysical beliefs. Additionally, Nikki delves into karmic relationships and how they can provide valuable life lessons.

Nikki explores the path to forgiveness, explaining how holding onto negative emotions can block personal and spiritual growth. Tune in to listen to a conversation with thought-provoking insights on spirituality and guidance on how to live a more fulfilling and spiritually aware life.

In this episode…

  • About Nikki and her background

  • Spiritual guides

  • Feeling like you know other souls

  • Metaphysical

  • Karmic relationships

  • Receiving and interpreting your intuition

  • The mystery in intuition

  • Mind, body, and soul

  • The path to forgiveness


“You can communicate with your spiritual guides if you believe we have lived many lives.”

“The idea of a karmic relationship is that you have lived other lifetimes with the people in your life. You will stay in the same sticky patterns until the lessons have been learned.”

“Our kids come here with their own purpose. We are here to help them live into that purpose.”

“It is important to understand how your intuition comes through. Once you know how to receive your intuition, you will listen to yourself more.”

“Our soul communicates through our intuition. We really want to live a soul led life.”

“In this lifetime we are mind, body, and soul. We are spiritual beings living a very human life.”

“Intuition is synonymous with curiosity.”

“Forgiveness is the portal for getting a clean slate.”


0:00- 13:20 | Nikki Novo’s background

13:20- 24:30 | Spiritual guides and karmic relationships

24:30- 35:30 | About your intuition

35:30- 48:08 | Finding your path

48:08- 55:00 | Forgiveness

55:00- 56:00 | About Nikki’s book & how to contact

Connect with Nikki

Connect with Nikki Novo

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