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It's Never Too Early to Find Your Passion with KicksBySammy Founder and CEO Sammy Handler

In this episode of The Know, Nikki hosts Samantha “Sammy” Handler, who is the founder, CEO and artist at KicksBySammy, a company she created at only 18 years old! After receiving attention from hand-painted Keds Sneakers that she customized, Sammy soon discovered a new medium for her artistic talent and an eager consumer. Nikki and Sammy discuss Sammy’s journey as a young woman with a hobby and how she was able to turn that hobby into a full-blown business. Sammy shares with Nikki how KicksBySammy began, how she was able to grow it and how she has been able to pivot to create a thriving corporation that collaborates with well known artists and businesses. Sammy also shares practical advice on creating, building and maintaining a new business as well as the importance of a social media presence and of having mentors. Sammy’s episode is chock-full of business tips and strategies. Sammy is an inspiring woman who is paving her own space. She is a great example of following your passions and working hard to parlay that into a functional, sustainable company.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Using your gift to make other people feel special

  • Identifying who your customer is and giving them what they want

  • Scaling a business

  • Age-shame

  • Utilizing social media

  • Maintaining brand authenticity

  • Partnerships and collaborations

Connect with Sammy: Website: IG: @kicksbysammy

Connect with Nikki: Website: IG: @theknowwithnikkispo / @nikkisappspo

For information about collaborations/sponsorships, please contact


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