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It Takes a Village with Ayana Rodriguez

This week’s guest, Ayana Rodriguez, is the founder of The itavi Method, an award-winning childcare program curated by experts.

In this episode, Nikki and Ayana talk about what IS and is NOT working for our children. They talk about how we can create unique, personal growth experiences and meaningful relationships for kids. Finding great childcare experts is hard, but Ayana has come up with a solution. Tune in to learn about what to look for in childcare professionals.

In this episode…

  • Filling the gaps in childcare

  • Finding quality childcare

  • Traveling with childcare professionals

  • How to start a successful business

  • Working moms

  • Finding the right fit for childcare

  • Creating unique experiences for your kid


“Safety is our number one priority. After that, we want to figure out how we can make this child better when we walk into this space with them.”

“Childcare takes a village. It is a lot more than someone just watching your child.” - Nikki Spo

“Children need to have experiences while you’re having experiences.”

“We want to empower our childcare professionals to show up as the best versions of themselves.”

“Childcare is very subjective. I compare it to looking at a painting. I am going to see something different than you see, and that is based on our individual upbringing.”

“I want every parent to leave their house and feel confident with their childcare.” - Nikki Spo

“You can be whatever you want to be at any point in your life.” - Nikki Spo


0:00- 2:15 | Introduction

2:15- 8:10 | About itavi

8:10- 19:10 | Finding good care for your child

19:10- 26:00 | Intentions in childcare

26:00- 35:00 | How to start a successful business

Connect with Ayana Rodriguez

Connect with Nikki

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