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Let's Talk About LIBIDO with Libido Expert Dr. Renee Wellenstein

Renee Wellenstein is a medical doctor specializing in Ob/Gyn and Functional Medicine. She is a lifelong learner obsessed with helping other women create healthy bodies, joyful minds, and vibrant experiences in life. Renee is an upstate New Yorker, past bodybuilder, online fitness mentor, mommy of boy/girl twins, and joyful wife to a fellow doctor. Her happiest days are spent living life with her family, and new pup, and sharing secrets about the healthiest life lived with the women around Renee. After a serious injury, Renee was not able to fully continue her work as an Ob/Gyn. She was then diagnosed with depression, however, that was not the cause of her symptoms. She later discovered it was due to her adrenals being out of balance from years of physical and emotional stress. She then immediately knew she wanted to do a fellowship in functional medicine, to share this incredible gift with others. This week, Nikki talks to Renee Wellenstein about the ‘taboo’ topic of libido. But why should this topic be taboo? So many women, of all ages, struggle with low libido. Nikki and Renee discuss why women experience this, how women’s biological makeup causes low libido, and how to seek help. Renee encourages women to slow down and take a look at the deeper mental and physical symptoms happening, and the root behind them. She gives viewers sustainable and lifelong, tangible tools and tips on how to improve their libido and overall health and wellness.

In this episode…

  • Physical and mental health journey after a serious injury

  • Feeling like you don’t have a life purpose anymore

  • Seeking help

  • Putting ego aside

  • Depression

  • Solving a helpless diagnosis

  • Feeling one’s energy

  • Conventional medicine

  • Symptoms of low libido

  • Embracing female emotion

  • Biological complexities of women

  • Intimacy with your partner

  • Side effects of conventional medicine

  • Looking at diet

Connect with Renee @the_libidoologist

Connect with Nikki @nikkisappspo / @theknowwithnikkispo

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