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Leveling Up with Elle Leonard

Elle Leonard is an entrepreneur, rising social media star, health activist, and founder and CEO of Level Active. Elle is a force; she is a backbone and a momma. She is doing a lot of things, and she is doing it gracefully.

In this episode, we dive into Elle's inspiring journey. We explore what it is like to run a business, to be a mom, and to be in a relationship with a high achiever. Elle shares insights on establishing herself outside of her partner, the importance of asking for help and having open and honest conversations. We also discuss social media transparency and its impact on Elle's life and business.

Episode highlights:

  • Elle’s background

  • Being in a relationship with a high-achiever

  • Establishing yourself outside of your partner

  • Asking for help

  • Having open and honest conversations

  • Social media transparency

  • Elle’s business journey

  • Needing to pivot as a business owner

  • Creating your own story

  • Rapid fire questions or Elle


“How do I establish myself outside of my partner? I think question occurs in many marriages and relationships.” - Nikki Spo

“I realized I needed to have help with childcare. I needed to be okay with stepping away. I was dealing with a lot of guilt of trying to do my own thing.”

“Asking for help does not make you weak.”

“I am happy to see people, specifically women, be easier on themselves.”

“When I started on social media, I really leaned into posting the shiny moments. I noticed that as I got more and more comfortable with my voice, that is when my platform grew.”

“I realized that keeping secrets was like drinking poison. When I started telling the truth about my life, whether or not people believed me or agreed with me, it freed me to be more of myself.” - Nikki Spo

“You can own your story or let it own you. Owning my story is what has helped my brand grow.”

“If you don’t like a sorry being told, then you have to change the narrative.”


0:00-2:12 | Introduction

2:12- 8:20 | Who is Elle Leonard?

8:20- 19:20 | Establishing yourself

19:20- 25:48 | Social media transparency

25:48- 32:30 | Elle’s business journey

32:30- 36:30 | Starting a business

36:30- 44:00 | Rapid fire questions for Elle

Connect with Elle Leonard

Connect with Nikki

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