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Living Unapologetically with CAA Executive Lisa Joseph Metelus

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Episode 14: Lisa Joseph Metelus is a Sports Executive at Creative Artists Agency. She is co-head of basketball marketing and servicing for CAA Sports, overseeing the off-the-court efforts of more than four dozen emerging and NBA All-Star players. Lisa works with the athletes she represents to create opportunities in endorsements, speaking engagements, philanthropy, digital content, publishing and more. Her clients include Dwyane Wade, Zion Williamson, and Jaren Jackson Jr. to name a few.

Lisa also sits on the CAA Executive Board. In addition to her enormous career, Lisa is a wife and a mother to two small children.

In this episode of The Know, Nikki and Lisa discuss Lisa’s illustrious career.

Lisa and Nikki recount the early days of Lisa’s professional life, starting out as an intern for the Miami Heat, working alongside Alonzo Mourning as Director of Development for Alonzo Mourning Charities and eventually growing into the executive she is today. Lisa opens up to Nikki about meeting her husband Bobby after already having established her career. Lisa shares her experience of meeting her husband and having her children when she was already in a place of confidence and security as a successful woman. Lisa shares her thoughts on balance and on how she continued to build on her career while remaining unapologetic about her role as a mother and a woman. Lisa and Nikki also touch on the historic time after the murder of George Floyd and how it opened up so many dialogues and opportunities for social change. Lisa energetically shares her love of her family, her love of her career and how the two can coexist!

Connect with Lisa: IG: @lisjoseph

Connect with Nikki: Web: IG: @nikkisappspo / @theknowwithnikkispo For information on sponsorship/collaboration opportunities, please email


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