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Loving the Woman in the Mirror with Nikki Spo

Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable, folks! Episode 29 is my second solo episode and I'm starting to find my groove. AND YOU'RE HERE FOR IT! By golly. So in this episode, I talk about reading Louise Hay's book Mirror Work and my experiences with the 21 day method she outlines. That said, some funky stuff came up for me in the journey and I feel like it's important to share. SO! I get clear about WHY my relationship with mirrors is so wonky, some of my personal experiences in my adolescence, and ultimately why LOVING YOURSELF is the most important thing you can do in your life. BY THE WAY! YOU CAN DO THIS JUST IN TIME FOR VALENTINES DAY! WHO BETTER TO LOVE THAN YOURSELF?! Let's go!!!!!!! ENJOY! And Rate! And Review! Love you, truth speakers! XOXO NSS

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