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Main Character Energy Through Style + Fashion with Cecie Gonzalez

This week’s guest, Cecie Gonzalez, is the founder of Theme Dresser in Miami. Cecie’s brand believes in empowering women, inspiring confidence, owning your sense of individuality, and stepping into your personal power. She is inspired by art, fashion, and traveling. She believes that everyone deserves a fashion moment. In this episode, we chat about the impact fashion and “dressing up” has on a person’s confidence and emotional and mental well-being.

In this episode, Nikki and Cecie discuss self-worth and Main Character Energy. They talk about the power of fashion and how dressing with intention can inspire confidence and success. It is essential to dress for yourself and discover what it is you love. Tune in to tap into your main character energy!

In this episode:

  • Self-work and building confidence

  • Dressing with intention

  • The power of fashion

  • Seeing more creative expression in fashion

  • The strength of women

  • Not taking yourself too seriously

  • Empowering women through fashion

  • Creativity through social media

  • Rediscovering what you like

  • Main character energy


“I feel like it’s so tough to be a mom these days. It's tough to see your body changing, it’s tough to compare yourself to other women, and it's tough to feel like you need to be at your best at all times.”

“You have to realize how powerful you are as a human and how strong you are as a woman.”

“The reason why I design hats is because of all of the different hats we wear as women.”

“When I think about my outfits I think of it like dress up. It keeps me young and alive. I dress for myself.”

“My best coping mechanism is working on myself.”

“If you make space for the Universe to provide you with gifts, and you are open to it and work toward it, then it is incredible what you are able to manifest.”


13:00 | The power of being a woman

19:15 | Cecie’s favorite client experiences

23:50 | Obstacles Cecie faced when building her business

26:30 | Social media’s impact on creativity

34:00 | Why Cecie’s work is so important to her

Connect with Nikki

Connect with Cecie

@cecie.mestre / @theme_dresser


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