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Manifest or Bust! A Look into Our Relationships with $$$$ with Laina Caltagirone

Laina Caltagirone is an NLP-certified life coach and teacher of modern spirituality, mindset, and manifestation. She creates courses, runs group programs, does private and corporate coaching, and is the owner of the international wellness retreat, Soulcation. Her mission is to empower people everywhere to create their own dream life.

In this episode of The Know with Nikki Spo, Nikki and Laina talk about money through the lens of the relationship that (many) women have around it. Using Nikki’s money story as one example, Laina and Nikki breakdown the different ways in which our backgrounds, our ingrained beliefs and even generational ideas around money can deeply affect the way we live and the way in which we view money. Specifically focusing on the very common female relationship to finances including shame, discomfort, and feelings of scarcity, many women feel uncomfortable even speaking about money.

We are here to break that cycle! As Laina so aptly says, “We are the awake generation!"

Laina’s belief is that we (as humans) are natural manifesters and have the ability to create anything we want. She believes that anything and everything is possible for you if you release any and all limiting beliefs. Laina shares some coaching strategies on real life tools that can be easily implemented into daily life to create all your money dreams. Laina’s philosophy is that “to manifest, you must get clear and ask for what you want, believe you can have it, and receive it through taking daily actions, following your intuition and aligning your inner world with it." If you are ready to examine your own personal relationship with abundance, lack, and manifestation this is the episode for you.

Let’s go! More topics covered:

  • Anything and everything is possible for you

  • You are a natural manifestor and have the ability to create anything you want

  • Hot to get clear on what your core beliefs are

  • Being willing to look at and be vulnerable with your fears

  • The idea that financial abundance and even financial freedom have nothing to do with what is in your bank account

  • Financial trauma and shame and how it can be inter-generational

  • The concept of “being taken care of” (what it is and what it isn’t!)

  • Asking for and receiving help

  • It’s never too late to begin again

Connect with Laina: @laina_caltagirone

Connect with Nikki: @nikkisappspo / @theknowwithnikkispo For information on collars & sponsorships, please contact


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