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Mindful Parenting with Josephine Atluri

Josephine Atluri is a mindfulness and meditation coach, an author, a podcast host and a mother of seven! As an expert in mindfulness and meditation, Josephine has helped thousands of people overcome adversity and find joy. Josephine couples her business background with her meditation training to teach corporate mindfulness sessions. Additionally, Josephine’s experience creating her modern-day family of seven children via In Vitro fertilization, international adoption and surrogacy inspires her work as a highly sought-after fertility and parenting mindfulness coach. Josephine’s new book, “Mindfulness Journal for Parents,” and its' online companion course aim to help parents and caregivers transform and enrich their parent-child relationship. Josephine hosts a popular podcast, “Responding to Life: Talking Health, Fertility, & Parenthood,” and interviews guests on their inspiring responses to life’s challenges. Josephine's infertility and parenting mindfulness expertise has been featured in multiple publications including MindBodyGreen, The Bump, and Woman’s Day.

In this episode, Josephine and Nikki discuss the many benefits of bringing mediation and mindfulness into your every day life and more specifically the many benefits of adding these practices into ones' parenting. Josephine courageously discusses her complex journey to motherhood and how she and her husband utilized multiple methods to create their beautiful family. Nikki and Josephine discuss Josephine’s amazing new book and in particular how it can be a really useful tool to any busy parent.

Josephine speaks to Nikki about how her book can be used at random and can be used in any order - which Nikki puts to the test! Josephine offers some really great practical advice on parenting in a mindful way and how breathing techniques and pausing can be used in the midst of havoc. Josephine’s message is one of positivity and light.

In her words, “despite living in a world of chaos, presence and peace is within our reach”.

More topics covered in this episode:

  • What mindfulness is and the different ways to integrate it into your daily life

  • How to begin a mediation practice

  • The fear surrounding mediation and why some of us are resident to it

  • Fertility challenges

  • IVF

  • Adoption

  • Surrogacy

  • Techniques to stay calm amidst life’s challenging moments

  • Mindfulness strategies to incorporate into daily parenting

Connect with Josephine: Web: Instagram: @josephineratluri @respondingtolifepodcast YouTube Channel: Responding to Life Podcast on Apple: Responding to Life Podcast on Spotify: Mindfulness Journal for Parents Book & Online Course: Discount For Parenting Podcasts: PODCAST25 Enter the code for 25% off the online mindfulness for parents coure with or without the book at Discount for Fertility Podcasts: PODCAST25 Enter the code for 35% off the online fertility mindfulness course.

Connect with Nikki: Web: Instagram: @nikkisappspo / @theknowwithnikkispo For more information on sponsorships and collaborations, please email

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