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Nikki on The Pillow Talk Podcast Hosted by Will Beck

This week is an episode… inside of an episode! Nikki recently had the opportunity to be a guest on Will Beck’s podcast, Pillow Talk with Pillow Cube. You may remember Will Beck on episode 55 of The Know who spoke so bravely about surviving the Columbine massacre. This time, Nikki is the one being interviewed. Will and Nikki talk about life, suffering, what it's like being a coach’s wife, and so much more.

Nikki and Will discuss some fun questions like what is their favorite movie and who is their favorite musician. They also delve into some more serious topics such as suffering, what it means to define yourself, how to cope in difficult situations, and so much more. This episode is the perfect mix of light-hearted banter and deep conversation.

Tune in to hear Nikki answer tons of questions asked by Will Beck! You don’t want to miss it! Here is a sneak peek of some of the questions asked by Will:

How do you define yourself?

What’s Your Favorite Movie?

Do you feel like society dictates what you need to be?

What is the best part of being an NBA coach’s wife?

Why did you want to get into podcasting?

When you do your podcast, how are you trying to influence people?

What does being successful look like to you?

In this episode…

• Sleep habits

• Influences of society

• Self-awareness

• What it's like being the wife of an NBA coach

• Becoming a better person

• Suffering

• Beautiful souls being born

• Refinement

• Anger and resentment

• Who is influencing you

• Being conscious of who is in your life

• Shared experiences

• Being intentional

• Happiness and peace of mind

• Connecting to your higher power

“There is good and bad that comes from suffering. It is such an interesting balance. When I think about my life, I think about the bad things I went through and how those have made me who I am.”

“I became myself by trying to be everything else.”

“There were so many years I tried to define myself, and heard something the other day where the message from God is simply, ‘I AM.’”

“Even saying ‘I am’ gives me goosebumps because I am not one thing. I am ALL of the things. I am everything. And I am nothing. All at the same time.”

“I have intentionally been trying to move away from what defines me.”

“When I live in my truth, I know I am helping other people.”

“When you think of other people first, you will be happier. That is the balance in life. I need to focus on myself and others.” - will beck


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