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Nikki Spo // UNVEILED: Energy Vampires

In this episode, I am talking about Jon Gordan’s book, The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work, and Team with Positive Energy. This fantastic book delves into crucial aspects of unlocking the potential of positive energy, transforming obstacles into opportunities, and fostering excellence in ourselves and our team.

How do we recognize energy vampires in our life? How can you be an energy driver? How can you be a positive light in someone else’s life? Join me as we explore these questions and more, offering guidance on your path to fulfillment and true happiness.

P.S. You can be a giver, lover, and supporter without compromising your boundaries. So, as you go about your day, keep in mind the importance of being a force of positivity. Remember, those who radiate light attract the same.

In this episode…

  • Toxic positivity

  • Energy bus

  • Having a vision

  • Honesty and reflection

  • Energy vampires

  • Taking and receiving

  • Surrounding yourself with energy drivers

  • Being a positive light in someone else’s life


“Some people simply lack vision. I have gotten to a place in my life where I don’t feel the need to teach or convince people to have a vision or share mine.” 3:30

“Not everyone has to support you, and that is okay.” 4:38

“What is an energy vampire? It is someone who is draining, consistently negative, discouraging, self-centered, consumed by fear, and repels people.” 6:30

“Surround yourself with energy drivers. People who give freely, energize you, believe in you, who are positive toward you, encourage you, are team focused, help you improve, and are driven by love.” 8:30


0:00- 2:15 | Episode introduction

2:15- 4:30 | Inviting people on our energy bus

4:30- 6:10 | Who do you want to be on your journey?

6:10- 8:30 | Energy Vampires

8:30- 9:40 | Surrounding yourself with energy drivers

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