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Nikki Spo on The Mindful Corner with Dr. Erika Velez

This week on The Know, we are tapping into another episode within an episode! I have been having SO much fun as a guest on these podcasts and being on the other side of the questions. I recently had the privilege of being hosted on The Mindful Corner podcast by Dr. Erika Velez, a previous guest on episode 101 of The Know with Nikki Spo.

In this episode I am opening up about my sobriety and how I have found hope. We explore various aspects of self-forgiveness and moving forward in life during our discussions. My goal, along with Dr. Velez, is to touch the lives of others by sharing this impactful and personal episode, even if it resonates with just one person.

In this episode… 

  • The power of storytelling 

  • Searching for safety in our mind & body 

  • Addiction 

  • Sexual abuse 

  • Parental love 

  • Escapism 

  • Trauma psychology 

  • Divorce 

  • Finding maturity at a young age 

  • Financial Independency  

  • Child vs. Adult 

  • Resentment 

  • Alcoholism

  • “Mommy wine culture”  

  • Unhealthy coping skills 

  • Personal rock bottom 

  • Sober curious & controlled drinking 

  • A 12 step program & therapy 

  • Pride within yourself 


“The whole premise of this show is to share our experiences with the hopes that someone out there listening can relate and can draw something from these stories.” - Dr. Erika Velez 

“It doesn't matter what your rock bottom looked like. You could have a rock bottom on the floor of your penthouse apartment in the middle of Manhattan, or you could have your rock bottom underneath a bridge homeless. Your rock bottom is your rock bottom. Whatever it takes to make you say, I have to make a change in my life.” - Nikki Spo

“I came to a place where I was able to admit to myself and to another human being that I was powerless over alcohol and that my life had become unmanageable.” - Nikki Spo

“I feel like I know who I am because of my sobriety. I did not know who I was when I was drinking. I was able to start my business in my sobriety, my own podcast, where I feel like I'm helping hundreds of thousands of people.” - Nikki Spo

“Honestly, being part of a 12 step program is one of the most amazing experiences I've ever taken in my life.” - Nikki Spo

“Do I need to look at my coping skills and question whether I need to readjust them? Do I still need to be living in survival? Or is it time to readjust and say, okay, what do I need now instead of to survive to actually thrive?” - Dr. Erika Velez 

“I see that like the phoenix, you know, rises from the ashes and alchemizes their story, uses it, turns that pain into some type of purpose. That's what I'm gathering from you Nikki.” - Dr. Erika Velez

“I always say there's no coincidences. So if you're listening and something inside you is saying, this is my call to action. I hope that you answer.” - Dr. Erika Velez 


0:00 - 1:25 | The Know Introduction 

1:25 - 6:15 | Nikki’s personal history 

6:15 - 8:55 | Finding an escape 

8:55 - 11:10 | Dealing with divorced parents 

11:10 - 15:35 | Independence 

15:35 - 21:15 | Alcoholism & unhealthy coping skills 

21:15 - 24:20 | Finding sobriety 

24:20 - 27:10 | How to address your own alcoholic problem  

27:10 - 28:30 | Taking it one day at a time 

28:30 - 30:30 | Still having a need to escape 

30:30 - 34:30 | Tools to finding peace 

34:30 - 36:15 | Forgiveness 

36:15 - 37:20 | Being proud of yourself 

37:20 - 41:30 | Understanding what is true 

Connect with The Mindful Corner - Dr. Erika Velez 

Connect with Nikki


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