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Nikki Spo UNVEILED // Making Boredom Work for You

In this episode of Nikki Spo UNVEILED, we discuss boredom and how we can make boredom work for us.

In this episode…

  • Books to address boredom for my children

  • No task boredom and task boredom

  • Boredom in your daily life

  • Fulfilling yourself in your life

  • Wondering vs. wandering

  • 5 ways why boredom is good for you

  • Puzzling

  • Slowing down

  • Curiosity

  • Gratitude


“Boredom is where the magic happens. It is when we can activate flexible thinking and stimulate a creative spark.”

“Taking care of your boredom is your responsibility. It is your job to create a life that stimulates you.”

“Boredom can be the catalyst that propels your brain into problem-solving mode. When there are no immediate distractions, your mind is free to solve issues.”

“Boredom is like a mental gym for your problem-solving muscles.”

“Resist the urge to rescue yourself from every moment of boredom. Let yourself navigate your way through these moments.”

“When you allow yourself to embrace boredom, you allow your mind to slow down, be present, and practice mindfulness.”

Time stamps

0:00- 0:54 | Introduction

0:54- 3:25 | No task boredom and task boredom

3:25- 5:30 | Boredom in your daily life

5:20- 15:10 | 5 ways why boredom is good for you

15:10- 15:45 | Boredom in relationships

15:45- 17:07 | Mindfulness & Gratitude

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