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Nikki Spo: UNVEILED// Are We All F*cked Up?

Welcome to this NEW segment- Nikki Spo: UNVEILED, where we talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly. Trust me, you guys; you must listen to these episodes with me with an open mind, open heart, and a good sense of humor. If I can talk about the hard stuff and still smile, I feel like I’m doing something right. So that brings me to my question… are we all just fucked up? Let’s discuss this.

In this episode…

  • Types of trauma

  • Healing processes

  • Forgiveness

  • Working on dealing with our baggage

  • Learning how to respond to things

  • Working on how you move on

Time stamps:

0:00- 3:25 | Intro

3:25- 6:45 | Big and little “T” trauma

6:45- 10:20 | Factors for healing

10:20- 14:38 | Responding to trauma through past experiences


“I believe that one person’s worst-case scenario can have the same weight of impact as another person’s completely different case scenario. Even if the incidences are far apart on the scale of severity.”

“I try to be a good, thoughtful, and conscious parent. I also know that I am not perfect and come with my own triggers and breaking points. It’s something I am always working on.”

“Often, how we respond to things happening to us is based on what happened to us before.”

Connect with Nikki

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