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Nikki Spo // UNVEILED: Boundary TF Up

It's time to boundary TF up, and trust me, it's not about being self-centered. It's about tapping into our true selves and honoring our deeper sense of inner knowing to make a greater impact in the world. In this solo episode, I discuss the importance of setting boundaries with your physical body, emotional needs, and finances. We are staying true to our sense of self, spiritual beliefs, and passions. This isn't about selfishness; it's about demonstrating our capability and courage to live in alignment with our truest selves. 

In this episode…

Boundary setting 

Boundary tramplers


Growing up with abuse 

Knowing when your boundaries are crossed 

Learning boundaries 

Setting boundaries with your body  

Setting boundaries with emotional needs 

Finding out who can show up for you

Staying true to your sense of self

Spiritual beliefs and passions 

Taking ownership of finances 

Reserving the right to be wrong 

Tips for setting boundaries 

Unhealthy boundaries 


0:00- 1:30 |  Introduction

1:30- 4:10 | Personal experiences with setting boundaries

4:10- 5:20 | Setting boundaries with your body  

5:20- 6:25 | Setting boundaries with emotional needs 

6:25- 7:50 | Staying true to your sense of self, spiritual beliefs, and passions

7:50- 10:10 | Ownership over financial assets 

10:10- 11:40 | Tips and suggestions for setting boundaries 

11:40- 13:59 | Unhealthy boundaries 


“As a parent now, I realize how important it is to show my children what their boundaries are so that they can move freely within those boundaries and learn how to make choices.” 

“As I grew up, I ignored boundaries as a teenager and later, as a young adult. By ignoring parameters as a whole, I came to tolerate more and more of my own personal boundaries being completely overridden and disrespected.” 

“Throughout my life, I have been asked to keep many secrets for other people, which chipped away at my essence. It made me question my value and worth in the world. Thus began a vicious cycle of soul-breaking, requests for boundaries or improvement, and rageful anger when my boundaries were repeatedly crossed.”

“When it comes to your body, no means no, and yes means yes. But the absence of no does not mean yes.”  

“I would have sacrificed my whole identity if it meant someone would love me.” 

“I am the type of person who handles situations head-on and does not shy away from difficult conversations. It has not always been easy. When we are dealing with other people, we have to be cognizant of their boundaries.”  

“Who you are, your essence, what you love, your spiritual beliefs, and what you are passionate about are yours. You should never have to break those for anyone.”

“Boundaries are a way of keeping loved ones in your life. Not out of your life.” 

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