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Nikki Spo // UNVEILED: The Magic is YOU

Welcome back to a #MAGICAL episode of The Know! I believe that we mirror the things around us. The way that we view the world is the way that we view ourselves. In this episode of Nikki Spo // UNVEILED, I am exploring the true and raw magic within us. We can identify, understand, and connect with our magic when we surround ourselves with pure souls. Not light dimmers. Remember- YOU are the magic in everything you see. It all starts with you. Because the magic IS you.   

In this episode… 

  • Finding the magic in our lives 

  • Self-awareness 

  • Removing ourselves from toxic situations 

  • Taking control of our magic 

  • Light dimmers

  • Surrounding ourselves with pure souls 

  • Showing up in your purest most magical form

  • Small acts of kindness 

  • Communicating your magic 


“​​I really truly believe that we mirror the things around us and that we see ourselves in everything.”

We don’t fly away from the hard things, and we don’t gloss over the ugly bits.” 

“Magic, however, is magnetic. It's attractive. And by attractive, I don't mean that it's just pretty. I mean that it attracts.”

“What do we do when someone tries to dim your light? You respectfully walk away. You want to be around people who want you to be more you.” 

“When you give your magic away freely, it comes back to you. Not always right away, or even from the source for which you gifted it, but it always comes back.”


0:00 - 1:00 | Introduction 

1:00 - 3:20 | Viewing your life 

3:20 - 6:05 | Seeing & looking for the magic 

6:05 - 9:30 | Tips for removing yourself from non-magical energy 

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