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NOT THE DOUBLE LIFE! with NoorJehan Tourte

NoorJehan Tourte is a shining light embracing her identity and true self. We can all relate to navigating the intricacies of our identities. NoorJehan has led two lives, one for herself and one to appease her family and community. After soul searching, numerous missteps, and the love from those who truly understood her, NoorJehan has finally arrived at a place where she can embrace her full authenticity. NoorJehan is the beacon of living unapologetically. She is an inspiring woman sharing her story on this episode of The Know.

From the challenges of struggling with identity to the impact of unspoken judgment, Nikki and NoorJehan share their personal journeys of self-discovery and acceptance. Through storytelling, we are enlightened with inspiring narratives of growth. We can all relate to being on our own transformative journey of finding our light. So tune in to this inspiring episode and begin shedding light on your own self-love.

In this episode…

  • NoorJehan’s introduction

  • Struggling with identity

  • Unspoken judgment

  • Muslim prejudice after 9/11

  • Having uncomfortable conversations

  • Coming home to yourself

  • Feeling inherently bad

  • Sports Illustrated interview

  • Multifaceted individuals

  • Corporate America

  • Storytelling

  • Finding your light


“We all desire to feel seen and understand ourselves and feel loved for who we are, even when we don’t know who we are. We want to find a space where we can come home to ourselves.” - Nikki Spo

“The struggle with my identity was so real. It is an empathy that I feel for anyone who knew they were different when they were born.”

“When I came to New York, I felt free. I felt like I could be whoever I wanted to be.”

“I met so many people who did not know anything about my background, and they got to know me for me. That really helped me get to know who I am.”

“I do not f*ck with being censored. I refuse to be less than who I am to make other people comfortable.” - Nikki Spo

“I have realized that being true to myself has meant accepting my circumstances.”

“I am a storyteller. I love figuring out everything that happened in my life and what they mean.”


0:00- 3:10 | Introduction

3:10- 15:40 | Struggling with identity

15:40- 21:10 | Muslim prejudice after 9/11

21:20- 26:35 | Coming home to yourself

26:35- 35:30 | Multifaceted individuals

35:30- 39:20 | Being a woman in corporate America

39:20- 48:47 | Storytelling

Connect with NoorJehan

Connect with Nikki

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