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PART TWO: The Mother Wound with Bethany Webster, Author of Discovering the Inner Mother

In PART TWO of this two-part series, Bethany and Nikki continue their empowering talk about the Mother Wound. Bethany discusses the by-product of the “Inner Mothering” as a way to create a bond of safety with the child inside of you. She addresses filling the “mother gap” of what you may not have received from your mother, and, over time, feel safe enough to be sovereign. When comforting our inner child, we can overcome patriarchal mandates that have been instilled in society. Nikki and Bethany talk about guilt and how women are taught to internalize this. We must validate our feelings and feel more fierce so that we can actively speak our truth.

In this episode:

  • Being the sponge and absorbing everyone else’s emotions

  • Viewing empowerment as a threat

  • Tolerating people’s misperceptions

  • Keeping your inner child safe

  • Risking misperceptions to stay true

  • Processing your original emotions

  • Disruptive truth-telling

  • Integrity based identity

  • Safety

  • Blasting open patriarchal mandates

  • Watching your narrative

  • Micro check-ins

  • Not being afraid of who we are

  • Inspiring those around you

  • The private practice of mothering the little girl inside of you

  • Remembering that you are safe

Connect with Bethany: @themotherwound

Connect with Nikki: @nikkisappaspo / @theknowwithnikkispo For information about collabs/sponsorships, please email

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