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Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month- A Journey with Nikki Spo

September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month, and this week, I am opening up about my journey as a parent of a child who was diagnosed with Cancer and successfully went through treatment. For Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month, I want to encourage all parents to keep their eyes and their ears open. Never ever feel insecure or unsure of advocating for your child. Listen with compassion if someone chooses to open up to you about their situation. Ask how to help and try not to assume. Never push additional fear onto parents in the throes of supporting their child. They are terrified enough. Thank you for joining me on this vulnerable journey and for all of your positive energy. I'm grateful for my TKNS family!

Soundbites you don't want to miss:

"It's a lot to process as a parent. We had to buckle up for the journey ahead."

"It was really difficult for me to connect with other parents during this time. I think I wanted to detach myself from any outcome, good or bad."

"I have had so many wonderful opportunities arise to inspire hope, spread even more awareness, and raise funds for pediatric cancer."

Celebrating Positive Moments:

"The treatments really did make him like Super-Hulk. At basketball practice, he was previously unable to get his shots up and into the big kid basket. Now, he was able to get those shots up. For what it's worth, it helped his confidence during a really difficult time and empowered him."

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