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Power of a Voice: Survival and Advocacy with Former US Gymnast Sarah Klein

In this episode of The Know, we have an incredibly powerful message to share with our listeners. Trigger warning: This episode delves into the sensitive topic of sexual abuse, so we strongly encourage self-awareness before tuning in. These conversations are crucial, and we aim to highlight these important experiences.

Sarah Klein, a powerhouse attorney, is one of the first known survivors of former Olympic Women’s Gymnastics Doctor Larry Nassar. Sarah bravely shares her remarkable personal journey to shed light on sexual abuse to heal and bring justice. With her dedication as an esteemed attorney representing victims of sexual abuse, she has devoted her life to ending it and paving the way for a safer and brighter future.

In this episode…

  • Sarah’s career

  • Sarah coming forward about her abuse

  • Education about grooming

  • The spectrum of sexual abuse experiences

  • Not defining your life to one thing

  • Self-trust and self-love

  • Sexual abuse recovery and Aftermath

  • Red flags to look out for in adults

  • Coming forward to disclose abuse

  • Showing courage

  • Statute of limitations for sexual abuse

  • The power of a voice


“Most of the time, sexual abuse occurs with someone known, trusted, and loved within the family or community. That person creates a bond or trust with the child and has access to the child because the parents allow it.”

“When an adult takes special interest in your child and goes above and beyond, that is a big red flag.”

“Grooming can make you so confused as a child that the sexual abuse can really happen to anyone.”

“I grew up my whole life thinking that my abuse never happened and that I made it up.” - Nikki Spo

“People with less severe sexual abuse experience may not feel comfortable coming forward because they think their experience may not be as bad.” - Nikki Spo

“I am a lawyer representing survivors of sexual abuse in civil cases. It has been really empowering and healing to give meaning to what happened to me.”

“Be aware, give your kids correct language, talk about this stuff in age-appropriate ways, and empower them when it comes to their bodies.”

“No adult should be asking your kid to keep secrets.” - Nikki Spo

“The average age of disclosing child sexual abuse is 52 years old.”

“Why don’t we come from a place of believing people? It is hell to come forward. No one does it for fun or for attention. It is brutal, hard, and scary.”

“As a lawyer, I want to treat each client as if it is my story or my child’s story. I want to leave my clients better off than how I found them.”


0:00- 4:10 | Introduction

4:10- 10:50 | Education about grooming

10:50- 16:30 | The spectrum of sexual abuse experiences

16:30- 21:10 | Sarah’s career as a lawyer representing victims of sexual abuse

21:10- 26:40 | Red flags to look out for in adults: for our parent listeners

26:40- 36:00 | Coming forward with your story

36:00- 42:20 | Laws surrounding sexual abuse

42:20- 48:08 | Healing journies

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