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Reclaiming Our Sexual Power with Dr. Peter Khamvongsa

In this episode, we are getting down and dirty when it comes to women’s health. Specifically, we will discuss women’s sexual health with Dr. Peter Khamvongsa from The Miami Institute for Women's Health. Dr. Peter Khamvongsa is a triple board-certified OBGYN, pelvic reconstruction surgeon, and urogynecologist specializing in cosmetic gynecology and sexual health. Our goal in this episode is to help women feel healthy, powerful, and strong in their bodies.

In this episode, we explore the intersection of sexual health and cosmetic gynecology with Dr. Peter Khamvongsa. Bridging science and personal beliefs, Dr. Khamvongsa empowers women to take control of their bodies and embrace their sexuality. From sexual health education to transformative cosmetic procedures, we dive into topics that empower women to prioritize their well-being (and pleasure!).

We explore why women seek cosmetic gynecological procedures and how they can help them feel more confident and aligned with their identities. We delve into two innovative treatments: the O-Shot, which enhances sexual pleasure and addresses issues like urinary incontinence, and the V-Tone, a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation option. Dr. Khamvongsa shares insights on how these procedures empower women and improve their well-being.

In this episode…

  • About Dr. Peter Khamvongsa

  • Bridging the gap between science and personal beliefs

  • At what age should girls start seeing their gynecologist?

  • Education in sexual health

  • Cosmetic gynecology

  • Wanting to look how you feel

  • The curiosity of your own body

  • Investing in your pleasure

  • About your clitoris

  • Becoming empowered about your sexuality

  • The O-Shot and V-Tone

  • Vaginal exercises

  • PCOS


“I never try to be judgemental. I always try to listen. Hopefully, by listening, my patient can share anything with me. Whatever you say is not going to shock me. I am here to support you in whatever it is you want to do.”

“It makes sense to do preemptive botox for your skin, so I want women to think about doing that for their private and pelvic areas too. There is no need to wait until anything major happens.”

“You should invest in you and your own pleasure.”

“Your clitoris is the only organ in the human body specifically designed for pleasure. Men don’t have that.”

“Get to know yourself, enjoy yourself, and start making your sex better. If something is missing, let’s find out what is missing and make it better in a healthier way.”

“Unfortunately, PCOS is commonly misdiagnosed.”

“We are trying to do our best at The Miami Institute for Women's Health to make sure you have education and knowledge and know that there are options for improvement.”


0:00- 5:45 | About Dr. Peter Khamvongsa

5:45- 10:00 | Dr. Peter Khamvongsa on starting his practice

10:00- 12:45 | Bridging the gap between science and personal beliefs

12:45- 16:00 | What age should girls start seeing their gynecologist?

16:00- 21:30 | Why Dr. Peter Khamvongsa decided to practice gynecology

21:30- 27:40 | Investing in your sexual pleasure

27:40- 30:30 | Becoming empowered about your sexuality

30:30- 38:40 | The O-Shot and V-Tone

40:10- 49:06 | PCOS

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