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Releasing Spiritual Entanglements with Joyce Haddad

Welcome back! So… Back in February when my mom passed, I started seeing a healer named Joyce Haddad. Joyce specializes in Spiritual Entanglement – helping her clients release spiritual holds, bonds, and anchors so that they can feel freedom from what is holding them back – even if those bonds are tensions between people and loved ones. This year, she released her first book called Spiritual Divorce, which is not really about Divorce, but more about the idea of DIVORCING toxic ties between individuals that cause more harm than good.

Joyce is an intuitive facilitator of divine energy and transformational expert. She is a visionary entrepreneur with a devoted twenty years of experience in quantum healing. She specialize in trauma work, and incorporates quantum medicine through voice alchemy, metaphysics, pattern behavior, reprogramming, resetting the human mind, the energy system and so much more.

Do you feel stuck in your life? In this episode, Joyce Haddad teaches us how to untangle those feelings through our energy and awareness. There are so many things that we experience that affect how we feel. It is our time to become aware of our emotions and the sequence of knots created by our life experiences. Our thoughts are electric energy and our feelings are magnetic. What does this mean? The entangled chemistry you feel is attracting the realities we live. In this episode, we dive deep into this concept and many others. Tune in to learn how to untangle your life and reveal your higher purpose.

In this episode...

  • Exchange of energy

  • Getting out of the stuck

  • Breathwork

  • Confronting aspects of your life

  • Going into your subconscious mind

  • Energy

  • Struggling with self-love

  • Revealing your higher purpose

  • Creating awareness in your life

  • Clarity

Soundbites you won’t want to miss: "Everyone works with energy without realizing it. Your words have substance. Your thoughts have substance. Your feelings have substance. That is how we travel through life." "There is a science that has proven that there is energy. Everything is energy." "We are energy. If we begin to perceive our lives as vibrations and frequency, then we can work on our entanglements." "Everybody has vibes. Everybody feels a vibe and everybody gives out a vibe." "This entanglement technique allows you to release ." "My mission is to expand as much as possible so that people have the tools to align themselves with a higher purpose."

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