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Restoring Balance with Jaycee Gossett Kallen of The Class

Jaycee Gossett Kallen is a founding teacher and VP of Experience at The Class, a cathartic workout experience that guides students to strengthen the body and notice the mind in order to restore balance. In addition to being the director of teacher development, Jaycee is an active teacher and her classes create space to discover strengths, explore freedom, and reconnect to truth. She brings her love of music and dance to The Class and encourages her students to move, feel, and live with full expression. Her Classes are challenging, soulful, liberating, and welcoming. Before joining The Class, Jaycee traveled around the world doing competitive dance and working in television and film where she hosted and produced series on The Travel Channel, Z Living TV, and Amazon Prime. In this episode, Jaycee covers what The Class is and its role in her personal journey, how The Class came to be, and why it is an incredible resource for healing. Jaycee shows us how to become, how to unbecome, how to unravel, and how to put it all back together. We are endlessly collecting data about ourselves. Jaycee shows us what to do with it.

More topics covered in this episode:

  • Restoring balance through movement, breathwork, and vocal release

  • What it takes to move through challenge and resistance

  • Redirecting shame and emotional build-up

  • Breaking unhealthy concepts of how and when it is acceptable to use your voice

  • Finding yourself despite chaotic circumstances

  • Awareness around co-dependency

  • Building a sense of self

  • Helping others return to self through her teaching

  • The power of connection and community

  • Using your gift as an act of service

  • Navigating disappointment

Favorite quotes: “Our gifts are for us, but they are also for everyone.” -JGK “Maybe it doesn’t mean anything. Maybe it just IS.” -JGK “How are we constantly gathering metrics on ourselves? How do we make that self-data work for us?” – NS “Do your own work on yourself, with yourself, for yourself. To be a better person, spirit, and energy for the world.” -JGK “We can wake up tomorrow and course correct.” -JGK

Connect with Jaycee: Instagram: @jayceegossett / @theclass Web: / Podcast: The Class Podcast available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts Connect with Nikki Instagram: @nikkisappspo / @theknowwithnikkispo Web: For information on sponsorships and collaborations, please email


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