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Revamping Your Relationships with The Gottman Method and Jaime Morgan

What's up, everyone! In this episode, we are talking about RELATIONSHIPS. Marriage and partnerships in general. We talk about how the Gottman method (which I have implemented in my own life) can help your relationship. Tune in and STRENGTHEN your relationships!

This week, we have Jaime Morgan on the show. Jaime is a certified life coach and a Gottman Method-trained relationship coach. She combines her academic and past personal experiences of struggles with a failed marriage to help others. Jaime has a huge passion for helping divorced and unfulfilled couples thrive. Yes, THRIVE, through action-oriented coaching.

Jaime Morgan helps women transition into the best chapters of their lives by gaining authentic confidence and letting go of their pasts. Tune in to learn about the Gottman Method and how it can improve your life, how to build trust and effective communication, choosing easy love, working towards successful relationships, and so much more.

In this episode…

  • Who are the Gottmans behind the Gottman method?

  • Communication and resolving conflict

  • “Love is a choice”

  • Tools to create a love that feels easy

  • The 7 pillars of marriage

  • Listening to your partner more

  • Reflective speaking

  • Building trust in relationships

  • The four horsemen of Gottman

  • Divorce- the good and the bad

  • Dealing with big emotions

  • Toxic patriarchy

  • Choosing easy love


“I feel strongly that the work we do on ourselves is the greatest work we can do for our relationships.”

“It takes getting really grounded in yourself and going into these difficult conversations with the goal of being able to understand rather than being understood. It takes a lot of trust in your partner that you will eventually be heard and eventually get your chance to speak about how you feel.”

“It takes a healthy dialouge and healthy conversations to be able to listen, have the conversation, and come up with a solution that feels good for both of you.”

“When things are hard, we focus on the things that are hard. It spirals and builds negative on negative, so you have to get yourself out of that loop and choose to see what is actually working.”


1:45- 3:40 | Jaime’s experience with the Gottman method and what it is

3:40- 4:25 | #1 of The 7 Pillars of Marriage: Love mapping

4:25- 5:03 | #2 of The 7 Pillars of Marriage: Nurturing fondness and admiration

5:03- 9:25 | #3 of The 7 Pillars of Marriage: Turning towards eachother

9:25- 16:40 | #4 of The 7 Pillars of Marriage: Letting your partner influence you

16:40-18:05 | #5 & #6 of The 7 Pillars of Marriage: Solving you solvable problems and overcoming gridlock

18:05-19:05 | #7 of The 7 Pillars of Marriage: creating shared meaning

20:00- 31:40 | The four horsemen of Gottman

31:40- 39:20 | How Jaime arrived in this space of teaching the Gottman method

39:20- 41:50 | Putting your kids in the center of decision making

41:50- 45:30 | Giving yourself permission to feel big emotions

45:30- 49:00 | Choosing easy love

Connect with Jaime

Connect with Nikki

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